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Ufficio Veneto Brevetti

Ufficio Veneto Brevetti

via sorio, 116 - 36141 PADOVA - ITALY 
tel. 049 8715420 - fax 049 8716060

About us

The company Ufficio Veneto Brevetti (Veneto Patent Office) was established in Padua in 1949 and has been directly managed by Alessandro and Maurizio BENETTIN since 1984. The Ufficio Veneto Brevetti has its offices in Padua and is especially known in the Veneto region and Italy for its highly skilled professionals. Its operation around the world is assured by a network of patent agents selected over the course of sixty years of international cooperation.


In sixty years of practice the Ufficio Veneto Brevetti, characterised by a well-recognised and primary technical specialization, has developed in-depth knowledge of the management of business patent strategies, prior art and patentability search, out-of-court settlements and patent granting in any technological sector around the world. At the same time the Ufficio Veneto Brevetti is specialized in especially as regards the search for prior or conflicting trademarks.

Practice areas


Protecting a creation against non-authorised exploitation by third parties is one of the primary components of any business strategy and is critical when it comes to translating any innovation into a business success. Filing for and being granted a patent is a fundamental step in assuring the holder the right of prohibiting the unauthorised reproduction and exploitation of an invention. The patent claims, descriptions and drawings thus become the “business library”, that is, the permanent trace of the growth of know-how of every company.


The trademark is a distinctive symbol; it becomes the point of reference, the message the company wants to transmit to the market. In just a few words and often in just a few letters an infinite set of information is communicated to the consumer. Therefore, protecting a trademark becomes critical.


Never before this period, especially in Italy, has protecting the product design been perceived as so necessary. A captivating and attractive product, and thus endowed with a distinctive character, is favoured in the hard contest governed by free competition. This is particularly true for internationally recognized Italian design, which must be protected in the international arena to remain ahead of the times.

Technical-legal advice

The Ufficio Veneto Brevetti is an effective resource for out-of-court issues thanks to its many years of experience. After trying to reach an out-of-court settlement it supports clients by assisting them in securing specialized legal assistance.