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Address:Str. „Veljko Vlahovik“ No. 4/1-1, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia

Telephone/Fax: +389 02/3211 005 / +389 02/3211 004

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About us

Established in 1999 by Valentin Pepeljugoski, PhD, the Law Office Pepeljugoski for a short period has become one of the most famous law offices in the Republic of Macedonia. Since January 2013, Aleksandar Trajkovski has laso been named as a partner in the Law Office Pepeljugoski.

Today it is a multidisciplinary law office that covers all legal areas of the civil and criminal law. The office is specialized for working in the field of intellectual property rights, unfair competition, telecommunication, media and advertisement. It is highly important to mention that a part of our everyday work is the company law, respectively trade law, customs law, corporate governance, contract law, finance law, tax law, consumers law etc. Nowadays as one of our most prestigious clients are famous companies in the energetic sector in the Republic of Macedonia which opens a new business field for our team.

Our work is based on the experience and expertise of the team consisting of 13 lawyers, 1 associate and 2 junior advisers . As one of the most important characteristics of our team is the quality and efficiency in performance supported by various recognitions.

Considering ourselves as pioneers in the field of intellectual property in the Republic of Macedonia we were and are honored to work with the leading companies in the country, in the region as well as wider in the borders of EU.

The dedication of our team and the quality of the performed work helped us to become leaders in the field of business law and contract law. Therefore we are hired to consult as experts’ vast number of public and private companies.

Practice areas

  •  Financial Sector
  •  Energetic Sector
  •  Intellectual Property Protection
  •  Labor Law
  •  Litigation
  •  Information Technology
  •  Competition And Antitrust
  •  Corporate governance
  •  Criminal law


The Law Office Pepeljugoski is a member of the Macedonian bar association, Macedonian Business Association of lawyers, Macedonian Association for Intellectual Property, registered industrial property representative (Reg. No. 77), Macedonian German Organization (DMVW), associative member of the American Bar Association, associative member of the International Trademark Association-INTA and the European Patent Attorneys.