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Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG)

Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG)

Kashish Intellectual Property Group

16, Autruches Avenue,

Quatre Bornes,

Republic of Mauritius

Tel: (230) 4278861, 4260399

Fax: (230) 4278660, 4276955

About us

Kashish IP Group (KIPG) –  KASHISH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY GROUP (KIPG) is a boutique Intellectual Property firm with its Head Office in Mauritius. For more than a decade now, Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) has been unceasingly assisting clients in protection, management and enforcement of their IP Rights, helping them secure their business interests globally.

KPaSeAn Ltd. – KPaSeAn is a global patent search and support service provider, assisting clients with strategizing their IP research and patent search solutions, further, helping them assess the risks, efficiency, profitability and effectiveness of their business goals.


K-Erda Ltd. – K-Erda is our in-house conceptualized IP Management System designed to reduce administrative overhead, efficient supervision and visibility into IP portfolios, and easy management of day-to-day routine docketing work.

KASHISH AFROASIA  Enforcement Ltd.  – Kashish AfroAsia solely focuses on assisting clients in strategizing their IP Rights enforcement approaches and executing such strategies efficiently, safeguarding their business interests in the region of entire Africa and Asia.


KASHISH IPR Management Ltd. – Kashish IPR Management Limited (KashishIPM), a subsidiary of KASHISH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY GROUP (KIPG), is a global patent services provider offering the patent portfolio management worldwide.

KashishIPM offers a range of patent prosecution services, efficiently and efficaciously providing assistance from Filing of Patent Application (which includes Ordinary Application, Convention Application, Regional Application, PCT International Application, PCT National Phase Application, Divisional Application and Application for Utility Models), Examination and Publication till the Patent Grant. KashishIPM also provides assistance in European states for the validation of granted patent application.  KashishIPM provides the cost-effective and instinctual patent annuity management solution, well in time. Other services provided by KashishIPM include the Recordal of Change of Name, Legal form or Address, Recordal of Assignment, Recordal of License, Recordal of Merger and Recordal of Mortgage.


TRADEMARKMALDIVESAt TRADEMARKMALDIVES, we have a devoted team of experienced lawyers taking care of legal interests of our clients in Maldives.



KASHISH Indian Sub-Continent IPR Management Ltd. – Kashish Indian Sub Continent IPR Management Limited (KashishIPR), a subsidiary of KASHISH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY GROUP (KIPG), is a dedicated help desk to provide proficient and cost effective IP Portfolio Management Services in the Region of Indian Sub – Continent.


Practice areas

• Copyright

• Domain Name

• Enforcement and Custom Recordal

• Industrial Design

• IP Portfolio Review & management


AIPPI, PTMG, GRUR, International Trademark Association(INTA), ECTA, Intellectual Property Office, ACACAP and IACC.